Post test training

So you passed your test! 

post test motorcycle training in milton keynesIf you are one of my recently successful students, reading this will come as no surprise! Those of you who have spent several days with me so far will have already understood my views on test standards and learning to ride beyond the DVSA test requirements.

I have very strong feelings about what lies ahead for my students once they have passed their test… In fact I am not at all alone with my concerns, as every examiner I have ever known is in favour of new riders continuing with training, to cover the areas that just don’t get taught for the very basic DVSA test.

The Enhanced Rider Scheme was created by the DVSA to address this issue, but it has suffered from poor take up and government politics, rendering it rather obsolete, whilst still leaving new riders with the stark reality of having to learn some fairly major new skills, on their own…

post test bike training in milton keynesOnce you have passed your DVSA Direct Access test, you will be qualified to walk into a bike showroom, buy the latest 200 mph bike, stick the other half on the back and head off down the M1 to London for a day of filtering and mayhem. Argh….

To achieve a quality test pass with a good training school usually gives you around 24 hours of training and nothing in any of the areas mentioned above… which is a bit worrying when you think about it, as these are all skilled activities.

So… I actively encourage all my students to carry on training after the test, because I KNOW WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW! It’s as simple as that. Bikes are FANTASTIC tools… You don’t go through all the cost, trouble, personal development and challenge of learning to ride to test standard, to then sit behind cars in traffic, because you are too scared to overtake or filter!

learning to ride in milton keynesYes these are next-level activities, but you can be taught how to do this quickly, safely, and have fun doing it! I will teach you all the stuff you need to know to be able to handle yourself on the road on a daily basis, optimising your riding and taking it to a new level of understanding.

Between passing your test and advanced rider training, there is a huge knowledge gap that needs filling URGENTLY after you have passed your test and I am perfectly positioned as a DVSA instructor and experienced rider, to help you with this, up the point where you hopefully will want to take things further.

If you do, there are advanced riding organisations such as I.A.M. and ROSPA, so you will be able to carry on and become a biking God 🙂

  • Filtering correctly, legally and safely
  • Overtaking safely and effectively
  • Motorways and how to negotiate them safely
  • Cornering and bend management
  • Advanced forward planning and awareness
  • Pillion basics

post test training in milton keynes

Post test training is exactly what it says on the tin:

Filling in the gaps and moving on from the DVSA syllabus, making sense of the “real” world and how you deal with it now you are on your own. This is an ideal training to undertake soon after your test, on your own bike.

Remember: I know what you don’t know! and I am passionate about teaching you everything that is not included on the average DAS course.