Driving Test Anxiety

motorcycle testing anxiety in milton keynesThe DVSA report that “driving test anxiety” or “nerves” are the primary cause of driving examination failure. 

Over a long career in motorcycle training, I have trained many students to test standard and beyond. It is always a shame when all that good work goes to waste at the first sight of a DVSA examiner’s Hi Viz!

It is not surprising that this is the case, where 2 major anxieties collide in one test, particularly in the case of the module 1 bike test and with people taking car tests, with the examiner sitting beside them.

What you have are exam nerves/anxiety/phobia in combination with the fear of performing in public, related to that often cited “fear of public speaking” which it is reported can be more severe in some individuals than the fear of dying!

This heady mixture of anxieties, often escalates to full blown phobic reactions, with panic attacks, sweating and irrational behaviour. It is nothing to be ashamed of, but it can be very debilitating and at the very least unpleasant.

driving test anxiety in milton keynes

I have worked with this problem for the last 6 years, as I found it so frustrating to put 150% into the training and coaching of each student, whilst in the back of my mind, constantly worrying about how they would react to being on test. You can never tell… often candidates themselves don’t know until they are faced with the situation, how they will react… reactions can be so varied, often not even obvious until something disastrous happens on test and you realise that this was totally out of character… Oh and there are the shaking, sweating, shivering, crying, gibbering behaviours too!

driving test nerves in milton keynesI used to say to my students “I can’t get inside your head and make this stop! You have to get control..” and then one day a voice popped into my head: “what if I could?…” and thus began an amazing journey, which I am still travelling with passion and fascination.

Hypnotest ™ is a methodology/care package that I offer to students who are anxious about any aspect of motorcycle training, from first rides to test day. I have a unique and informal approach, which I have developed over the last 4 years with great success. Using hypnotherapy techniques, NLP and coaching strategies in tandem with my experience as a professional instructor, I have helped a very large number of anxious riders achieve their goals and pass their tests with the least amount of stress possible.

Hypnotest ™ is an add on module to your motorcycle training course. If you want to discuss this further and how I might be able to help you with driving test anxiety, please send me an email or call me at the contact details at the top of this page.