Motorcycle Training Courses

post test trainingI am based in Milton Keynes and run my motorcycle training courses from my premises in Bletchley, where you will start and finish your day, unless we arrange otherwise for your convenience. The day will begin with free coffee and breakfast at my cafe, where we will discuss what to cover during the day.

If you are not already familiar to me as a student, I will need to understand a  number of things about your training and experience and of course in all cases, what you particularly want to work on during the sessions. If I have trained you as a student of Grafton Honda, I will have a pretty good idea of what we need to work on.

motorcycle training in milton keynesPlease bring your own motorcycle, which has to be roadworthy, your driving license, insurance documents and MOT certificate for your bike if it needs one. I will need to check all these for us to be able to set off. Please also bring money for lunch/refreshments or a packed lunch if you prefer. I can supply you with sandwiches and snacks at the cafe if this is more convenient.

I charge a flat rate of £150.00 per day. You will be responsible for fuelling your own bike.

The day is scheduled to run over 6/7 hours, or according to what you can comfortably take…We ride a LOT on each day, so let me know if you don’t think you can cope! Remember: I do this because I love to ride, love bikes, love teaching and all things bike… I don’t watch the clock, I’m too busy watching you!

post test training milton keynes

Each day of post test motorcycle training will build your confidence and experience. If you decide to book several days training, we can work on a unique itinerary for you and can include some challenging days if you like… like driving into and around London, which is where I grew up as a rider and which presents some unique challenges.